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Sarah Maloy Interview

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On February 16th Sarah "KO Kid" Maloy looks to build on what has been a successful MMA career when she makes her pro boxing debut against Sheena Cheney. While she took the fight just to stay busy, Maloy feels this could really benefit her budding MMA career. Already a very well-rounded fighter, learning more skills is only going to add more facets to her game as she continues to climb the ranks and impress people.

Q: First, for my blog, the fans voted you as Most Underrated Fighter, how does it feel knowing that so many fans thought so highly of you?
A: It actually felt really awesome. Out of all of the categories, I really felt honored to be nominated for that one because I do think I am extremely underrated. I train really really hard, my skill-set is very well-rounded and I don't think that I have ever gotten to completely show my entire skill-set in a fight. To win that category felt really really good.

Q: You have your boxing debut coming up with Sheena Cheney, why did you decide to try a boxing match?
A: I think that I am at kind of a middle point in my career. Smaller local promotions are wanting to put me on a card but can't find any girls who will take a fight with me and the bigger promotions, everyone wants on their cards, opportunities are so few and far between because there are so many girls. So it was a way to stay busy and keep competing without having to have six months between fights.

Q: Considering so much of sparring is with boxing gloves, I assume you will be comfortable with those?
A: Yeah, the gloves is my smallest issue haha. That is one thing where I am like "o.k., I can do this, I spar with boxing gloves quite a bit" haha. The gloves are actually eight ounces so it doesn't feel that heavy compared to MMA gloves. There is a huge difference in so many other things. It really surprised me.

Q: Do you know much about Sheena?
A: I have seen video of her fight. I know this will be her fourth pro fight. We have studied that a little bit and catered our training towards her weaknesses like I would an MMA opponent.

Q: You are standing there throwing with her, will you have to remind yourself to not throw a kick?
A: Haha that is so funny. I actually kick quite a bit. I feel comfortable using my kick just like a jab to keep distance if I need to rest or anything like that. I also randomly kick things and people throughout the day all the time haha. It was really hard to make that transition not to kick. All the ladies in my classes are like "don't kick, don't kick" cause I will kick a door closed or kick things out of the way or a door open, I kick so much. We have just gotten to where I can go a whole day without kicking. It is only an issue when we are sparring and I start to get tired, then I have to think "don't kick." But I think it is going well.

Q: You are used to the five minute rounds, does it benefit you that not you will be doing shorter rounds?
A: It is gonna benefit me. In MMA you can break the monotony of punches with kicks or takedowns or clinch, a lot of things. In boxing there is a possibility that you are gonna throw constantly for two straight minutes. That is one of the first things I did, set the clock for two minutes and just throw the entire time to make sure I could do it just because of that little doubt "can I do that? That has been a relief, the cardio is not an issue, I just had to focus on my footwork and different combinations and head movements because she is not trying to kick my legs or take me down, she just wants to punch me in the face.

Q: Congratulations for continuing your trend of always using a word that no one has used with monotony.
A: No one uses monotony? haha

Q: You mentioned footwork, are you gonna need to change your footwork?
A: It is actually a lot different. I had to change a little bit with my stance, I can come up just a little bit in my stance and use my reach a little more. The footwork is a lot different. You don't wanna get really wide, always be balanced. We are drilling it a lot and I am getting really comfortable and fast. It has made my punches more fluid and quicker. It will benefit my MMA career for my next MMA fight.

Q: That sets up my next question, how can this fight benefit you with MMA?
A: Being able to incorporate new techniques. Different footwork, different speed, you never know what your opponent will do, so having a new arsenal will be beneficial. I can stand and bang a lot better haha. I will have to change some things back.

Q: Do you watch much boxing?
A: I watch the big matches, they always intrigued me. But not so much the not as well known boxing like MMA. Chances are if they have had a fight or two in MMA, I know who they are. So I have had to submerse myself in that because high level pro boxing is not where I am at, it is different than my skill-set and the opponents I will face right now.

Q: Is there anyone you enjoy watching?
A: I am a major Pacquiao fan. I started going to some local shows. The small local shows tend to have some people in there, especially last minute fillers who shouldn't be in there with their skill-set, but then there is always those little diamonds that you can be amazed at their footwork and speed and counters. I have gotten to be a fan of some local guys.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Usually I don't predict but I am gonna give it a whirl. I predict I am going to fully earn my nickname this fight.

Q: After this, what do you want next?
A: I would love to get on the next Invicta card, that would be awesome. My fans are petitioning for it. But there is only twelve to fourteen fights and everyone wants on them. Sadly my weight class has been the one with the least attention. I am holding out for it but we have back-up plans. Depending on how this boxing match goes, I might take one more before I make a big announcement about a fight in June that I cant talk about yet, but it is awesome. My husband is having his last amateur fight on March 30th so we have some awesome things coming up.

Q: I gotta ask, Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche, how does it end?
A: My girl Liz is gonna take it home.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I want to give a special thanks to Slade at Tussle. I think that people have taken advantage of his kindness. He has been so great to me and he has followed me wherever I go. He had no hesitation sponsoring me for boxing even though he usually does MMA. Him and Molly are amazing, she is an inspiration. I will always be honored to have Tussle on my butt forever. Also, MMA Grillz, Abundant Life Family Medical, Team Hurricane Awesome,, BT Fight Management and Marketing.

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