Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tamikka Brents Interview

After making her long awaited pro debut a successful one when she defeated Jessica Halverson in November, Tamikka Brents steps inside the Invicta cage on January 5th to take on Amanda Bell in a fight that to me, has Fight of the Night written all over it. Brents was an amateur who had trouble getting fights, but now as a pro can be more active and show why she was so heralded as an amateur. The fight with Bell features two extremely talented young fighters who always put on an exciting show.

Q: You finally made your pro debut in November with a victory over Jessica Halverson, how did it feel to finally get to have that first pro fight?
A: It was crazy, I was so happy. I finally got to fight and unleash my elbows like I have been waiting to do forever.

Q: how happy were you with your performance?
A: There is still a couple little things that I could have done better. But overall, I thought I did really well. I got hit with a jab and I think that was it, that is always good in a fight haha.

Q: This fight for Invicta, knowing what they mean for women's MMA, what does it mean for you to fight for them?
A: It's exciting! That has been the goal for awhile. They contacted us before and after that first contact they have been checking on me, checking what fights I am doing. Now that I am finally in there I am just excited. It's Invicta, that's where you wanna be until UFC starts doing more divisions.

Q: The fight with Amanda Bell to me is an excellent match-up, two exciting fighters who both look to finish, would you agree?
A: Definitely! She is ranked number two ammy at 145. I don't think she got as much exposure as she should have, especially by the way she fights. I am excited.

Q: You just fought and she has had some time off, can that benefit you at all?
A: I think with any fighter, that time off you are afraid you have cage rust. I went right back to training after my fight and she has been training, so I think that little nervousness every fighter gets before a fight, I don't think will be a factor. We are just gonna go in there and entertain everyone. I don't think it's a factor.

Q: Does her having that time off make it harder to game-plan, not knowing what she has worked on in that time?
A: Not really! My game-plan is the same for everything. Just don't get hit, if you do get hit, hit them more than they hit you.

Q: Where do you feel you hold the biggest advantage?
A: I think my striking. I think my striking is better. She likes to strike but more of a brawling style. My technique in the stand-up is better. Other than that I think it is an even playing field. She could have been working on her stand-up the whole time she has been off. Just going off old fights, I feel my technique is better. I am preparing as if she is the best striker, best wrestler, best Jiu-Jitsu player in the world.

Q: On a card with all females, does part of you want to not only win, but also be one of the girls that everyone talks about after?
A: Every single fight I wanna do that. I want to be exciting win, lose or draw, that fighter that even if I lost, people say it was a hell of a fight that could have gone either way. Like when I fought in Ohio against Jessica Zomcik, they knew her and were rooting for her but after the fight they were cheering us both on because it was that good of a fight.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: My prediction is someone is getting elbowed.

Q: You could be on any game show you want, what one is it?
A: Do they still have Double Dare?

Q: What food do they not make deep friend that they should?
A: It would be cool to see a fried ice-cream cone.

Q: If you were Roseanne Barr would you ever consider naming your child Candy?
A: Haha, no!

Q: Have you ever in your life completed a full game of Monopoly?
A: No haha. I usually end up in jail a lot.

Q: What is the best Christmas movie?
A: You gotta go with Christmas Story.

Q: What is the worst Christmas movie?
A: I don't like the T.V. show Christmas specials. They are always so corny.

Q: Who was the most annoying Brady Bunch child?
A: The youngest one, whatever her name was. She was a snitch and had a lisp.

Q: Fight to the death, who wins, Jay Leno, Tonya Harding, Dolly Parton, or the little fat kid who played Chunk in Goonies?
A: I will go with Dolly Parton. Her chest will protect her and all the blows will bounce back and they will die from self inflicted blows.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I'd like to thank my friends and family, my gym Team Warrior Concepts, my head coach and the owners of TWC Scott and Jen Ward who are always looking out for me, the ladies in our women's fitness class, they are always cheering me on and supporting me, all my teammates and coaches, Curt Bee, Hunter Ansell, Jared Rusk and Lex James, my awesome girlfriend Anndrea for being there for me and helping me through this crazy fighter life along with my A-Team and the Oreo are very supportive no matter what. Also, my amazing sponsors, Complete Nutrition, AMB Construction, Spartan Sports Park, Keppler Environmental Management, New Age Tattoos, my awesome chiropractor Clint Scott, my amazing massage therapist Renee "Magic Hands" Dean, The Body Quest Store, Defense Soap, Intimidation Clothing, Scandals Nightclub, Lids, Title Shot Apparel, Punch Town and The Gyro Stop. They are all awesome and support me as much as possible. And of course a big thank you to Jason "Sweet Cheeks" Adams for interviewing me once again.

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