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Roxie Beckles Interview

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Making the switch to physique was clearly a smart move for Roxie Beckles as she placed well at several shows this year. A dancer and performer before competing, she clearly puts those skills to use as she is a natural on stage. The respect others have for Roxie is also clearly evident as so many have said that 2013 is going to be a big year for her, and that is something that is very hard to argue.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I started officially really working out back in about 1996 when I was still in school. I was into dance and sports so I got into working out through those activities. When I finally went to college I made my way into the weight room and just kind of started from there. I didn't start seriously until a year later when I actually thought about doing competitions, but that fell through. So it has been a long journey, from the late nineties until now.

Q: What led you to finally competing?
A: AS I said, I wanted to compete for a very long time. I used to watch the competitions on ESPN in the mid nineties when they had it on late at night. So I always had that aspiration to step on stage, that was back when the only had bodybuilding or fitness. I was a dancer so I wanted to do fitness. I started training for a show in 1999 and got really sick with pneumonia and had to stop and never picked it up again. I was a professional dancer, worked on stages across the country so when it came time to retire I wanted to get back into something that would give me the same joy. I was always working out and working as a trainer so the next progression was like "maybe I will try and compete, I have time." So I did my first show in 2010 and the story went from there.

Q: Some girls I interview say that after the first show it becomes addicting, was that the case with you?
A: It wasn't really an addiction, I was already used to it. It was just another show, another performance. For me it was something new to do. As a dancer, as an artist period, because I was a dancer, an actor, the art becomes who you are and you identify with that. Especially as a performing artist, it is so physical. For me that connection with competing is the work that goes into it, the training and diet and preparation. It is something I love to do. It was a continuation of what I was used to but in a different arena.

Q:What made you decide to move to physique?
A: Well, I was competing in figure. It's funny, as I started to really train because I never trained as a bodybuilder at any point in my life, I was always more sport specific, but when I started to get into competitions, my body just took on a whole new form to the point the amount of muscularity I was able to develop in a short time because I brought the muscle memory. It got to where I was training and now was standing next to the figure girls and I had more muscles than they do. I am that type of body that I can probably train down and do figure but I like to train hard and build my body, so it was a better option and more me. The other part I love is that I get to do a routine now, so it is the best of both worlds for me.

Q: Was the posing hard to learn?
A: No, the posing is the easy part. The hardest thing was that it was weird at first going from quarter turns to having to hit poses. Posing in itself is an art, learning how to display the body and show the muscularity is actually very hard. I am getting better and still trying to fix little angles, but it wasn't hard to learn, just a process of learning what looks best on me.

Q: You did several shows this year, how did you feel about your year competing wise?
A: Oh my God, this has been the most incredible year ever for me. I just finished my second year competing, the first year was only two shows, both National qualifiers I did well in. They were at the end of the year, so not a full year. This year was incredible. I started off in physique, the first year they had it at the local level. No one knew what the hell they were looking for. It was like "go up there and do what I got, this is what I think it is, you let me know which one or not." I finished up with an overall title my first time out. Since that show, the difference between that show and the last is night and day, same suit, night and day difference. I've had a tremendous year of growth, a tremendous year of progress and learned so much about myself. It was a tough but remarkable year and will propel me more for 2013.

Q: At Nationals you placed sixth and that is the one where I thought you really deserved better, did you get any feedback like that from people?
A: Everyone is gonna have their opinions and I always appreciate it. It is very humbling, but with Nationals, it is a big show, a major show, and they were going with a different look for the division. They went with more muscle. I would never say that any competitor isn't deserving of their win. I brought my best look and of course wanted to walk away with a victory but it wasn't in the cards. I walked away knowing the things I have to work on and that is all I can focus on. I heard some chatter and was humbled, but on to the next one.

Q: Do you know what show you want to start 2013 with?
A: Yes I got an email from Kim today. We have my first show picked out but I am leaving it a secret haha. I was planning to take the year off to work hard on adding more muscle. I showed Kim my photos and he is happy with what he sees and I am not far away in his opinion.

Q: From Nationals to the next show, where do you want to be better?
A: I need to bring up my arms. I have this bicep obsession right now. I am mildly obsessed with peoples arms. I have great legs, even those can be filled out. Just all over, put on a tiny bit more size. Bringing my arms up is a focus and they are coming along so I am happy.

Q: A lot of people predict a big year for you, I am sure that makes you feel good but does it add any pressure to live up to peoples expectations?
A: I have already been through that storm and mental weight on myself, especially going into Nationals because I had just come off winning Sacramento so the momentum was in swing. I had a little freak-out with a friend. I stayed with her and we had one liners that came out of my mouth that were wild and crazy, cause you are carb depleted. I placed sixth and it was the best outcome, it made me feel like "it doesn't matter, you have to do for you, the stakes get higher when you go pro". Imagine the pressure Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins have when they step on stage. You have to learn how to not dwell on that and present what you have and at that point it is up to the judges. Me having the year I had has prepped me for what may come in the future. All things come to you only when you are truly ready for them and I was not quite ready. 2013 I am claiming it as mine and gonna go full force.

Q: In the gym, do you get a lot of stares or attention?
A: Haha, well I train at three gyms so it depends where I am. When I am at Gold's in Venice, everyone is used to it, but when I am at Equinox I am kinda the beast mode girl that all the girls are on love with and all the guys are afraid of haha. I think most people come up to me cause they know me and see me, it is an inspiration for people. I get to tell them what I do and the differences between the divisions. I don't mind it so much and am in my own world. In prep mode no one talks to me haha.

Q: If you could spend a day training with someone you have never trained with, who would it be?
A: I am trying to get a session in with Lenda Murray. Lenda has become a mentor for me this year. Eight time Ms. Olympia, amazing body, no one has surpassed her even though her and Iris (Kyle)are now tied. If there is anyone whose information I would value, it is her, when I speak to her, I don't talk, I listen. We haven't trained, we have talked and emailed. It would definitely be Lenda. She is selective which makes it more valuable.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: My coach Kim Oddo who has taken me from average to BAM! He has been an amazing support. I started with him after USA's and he has taken my body to a new level. Everyone at Sioux Country, Jason Lannigan has been an amazing support, all the members are so great. I wouldn't be where I am without their support. Of course my family, my followers on Facebook,everyone who has been behind me.

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