Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Rant

For quite some time I have wanted to address some things. With nothing to do tonight, it seems the perfect time.

* First I want to address people who guy on my fan page or others and make negative comments towards the girls. This does not happen only on my page, it happens on lots of pages and profiles. Why do people feel this is acceptable? Listen, not everyone likes muscular women. Not everyone finds them attractive. Everyone has a preference. Some like blondes, some like brunette's, so are leg men, some are chest men, but believe it or not, some men like muscular women. You are within your rights to not find muscle attractive on a woman, but just because you don't that doesn't mean you speak for everyone. If you do not have something positive to say, don't say anything at all. How hard is that?

* Next is the "she looks like a man" comments. When did muscle become gender specific? Why can't a woman be muscular if she wants? If you are a man and skinny does that mean you look like a woman? Me personally I think some of the most beautiful women I have ever met happen to be bodybuilders. There are a couple body parts that differentiate a man from a woman, we all know what they are, and the size of ones biceps are not one of those body parts.

* One thing I have seen a few times that upsets me is when a bodybuilder says a bikini competitor doesn't train as hard because she isn't squatting huge weight or something along those lines. That's crap. If you are stronger and more muscular, you can lift more. So while you are curling fifty pounds it doesn't mean you are working harder than the girl curling twenty pound dumbbells. Everyone works hard, we just go about it in different ways. You can't complain female bodybuilders are unfairly stereotyped and then turn around and unfairly stereotype someone like a bikini competitor.

* Making people afraid to train or start working out. One comment is "not everyone can do what we do". Bull!!!! We lift weights, do cardio and diet. ANYONE can do it. They just have to want to and be willing to put in the work. Or this one, "I leg pressed more than the guy at the gym today. Made him look bad". Ummm, no, you didn't make him look bad, you mad him look like someone who hasn't been training as long as you, that doesn't make him look bad. Or, "I hate the newbees are in the gym taking up the equipment". Is it your gym? Do you own the equipment? Were you not new once? Would you have continued training if more experienced people made you feel so unwelcome? Then these same people will make fun of someone who is out of shape. Well why the hell would hey want to go to the gym just to be made fun of and looked down on? How about giving them some encouragement, if you have a free second and they are using equipment wrong, show them how to do it correctly.

* People who call themselves role models or say people look up to them. You do not decide that, others decide that. Winning a pro card or some big show does not automatically shoot you into role model status. Hate to break it to you, but people usually look up to competitors who have a great attitude, and thinking you are better than everyone else is not a great attitude.

* Metabolic damage. A cause that is very important to me. I hear often from girls who have it and are embarrassed to tell people. Don't be embarrassed. Easier said than done, I realize this, but the more we educate people, the more we can help others avoid it. Ladies, please take care of yourself. No show or pro card is worth your health. I am no expert, but to learn more, read sites and blogs such as my trainer Danny-J of the Sweaty Betties, or Angie Gooding or Tamara Ashton.

* Lack of coverage for women in the sport. Read a bodybuilding magazine from post Olympia. There was very little about the female divisions. It was all about the men. In my mind the best physique on the Olympia stage this year belonged to Erin Stern. But all the magazines and sites are Phil Heath this and Kai Greene that. What about the amazing story of what Iris Kyle is accomplishing? Luckily we have great sites like Sioux Country and Fitgems giving women the attention and credit they deserve. So I ask you to support the women by visiting sites like those listed.

The fitness industry is an amazing industry. I get to be a little part of it and when I finally get on stage I get to be more of a part of it. I consider myself lucky. I think there are ways to make it better. Support those who support the women in the sport, don't make people scared to go to the gym, encourage them to go to the gym, be modest and appreciative, don't look down upon people who don't train how you train, these are just some of the things that can help. Does any of this stuff mean anything coming from me? I don't know, but I wanted to say it anyway. I want this sport and industry to thrive, I want female competitors to get respect for their hard work and to be seen in a positive light. When I was 300 pounds and wanted to go from overweight to a bodybuilding stage, it was women who helped. If I asked a guy for help, I got nothing, if I asked a female, I often got more help than I even asked for. I am a man and my trainer s female (Danny-J) and my posing coach is female (Michelle Brent). Women like them and so many people deserve respect, and that is my goal, and with sites like the earlier mentioned Sioux Country and Fitgems, hopefully they will get some respect.


  1. PIPEBOMB!!! I agree with you, Jason. :)

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