Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cara's Corner by Cara Marel

November 3, 2012
Hey my friends! I hope everyone is doing well…things are finally starting to slow down for me. I just completed my 4th and final competition for this 2012 season. Let the off season begin!! Actually, let me rephrase that: let the IMPROVEMENT season begin.
As we embark on these next few months of winter, holidays, and spending time with friends and family, it’s important to keep our health & fitness goals in check. This is something that I’m sure many of us, have struggled with in the past. However, to make things easier on myself come the near year when I really have to start training hard again, I will be two steps ahead of myself. Personally, I’d like to come in a few pounds leaner and tighter and plan to hit the stage again in early Spring (March or April) 2013.
Therefore, my goal is to keep my weight down in the meantime. I do plan to enjoy Thanksgiving & Christmas meals however 
Aside from eating and working out, I plan to spend some quality time reflecting and spending time with friends and family, and really focus on what and who is most important. While being healthy, fit and chasing your dreams are all wonderful…just remember where you came from, stay humble, and love each other. Side note: I hope to get some more blogs in a bit more frequently. Follow me on Facebook at:
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