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WBFF Pro Fleur De Kine Interview

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The first time I interviewed Fleur De Kine, she was days away from competing for the WBFF. After having some success in NPC shows, I was excited about Fleur competing in WBFF shows because I felt she could have success there and show people how good she can be. That was proven when she quickly earned her WBFF Pro card. But that is undoubtedly just one more step to bigger and bigger things for Fleur in the fitness industry. I have said Fleur is one of my favorite figure competitors, her physique is amazing, but there are others reasons to. One of those reasons is Fleur is simply a great representative, not only for the sport, but for the industry.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I have always just kind of worked out. Mainly for aesthetic reasons and because it made me feel good. I grew up doing sports with my parents, my dad always kept me active. It felt like it was natural.

Q: What led to you competing?
A: I always wanted to compete. They girls were pretty, it was fun, I remember seeing them in magazines a long long time ago. When I was in my twenties and I got to Connecticut, I decided I wanted to compete, but I never did. I didn't know how to go about it, and I wasn't one hundred percent committed yet. So I would print out the application and not do anything about it. I was still going out and partying. I had a birthday come up and I decided that's what I wanted to do, and I was gonna take care of it and do it.

Q: A lot of people say after the first show it becomes an addiction, was that the case for you?
A: Yeah, I loved it. It was so much fun. I like being on stage anyway, I have a background in theater. I love being on stage, it was so much fun.

Q: Why did you decide on figure?
A: I love the body shape. I loved the body type at the time I started competing that was being rewarded in the organization I chose to compete it. I loved it for that reason. I think muscles on a woman are very sexy and I really respect that. Division wise, it was more me, my body type, I wasn't the cutesy bikini type. I don't do well with bopping around haha.

Q: Last year at Jr. USA's you did physique, why did you decide to give that a try?
A: It was an opportunity to take part in something historic. I always wanted to do a routine. I respect bodybuilders, to get to that level of conditioning and to get that size, I wouldn't have the time. Physique was a chance to put more of your personality out there and it was a chance for me to go a little further and push myself. It was a awesome doing that show, it was really cool and a great moment. It's done a lot for the sport in a bunch of different ways.

Q: Was the posing harder or easier than you expected at all?
A: Posing is difficult no matter what. It's like choreography, like a dance, you have to learn it, you have to become comfortable with it and it has to become like second nature. So, it's all about figuring out your body. Each time you hit a different pose you learn about yourself and how your muscles work. It's an educational experience.

Q: After that you won your pro card for the WBFF in Boston, when you won that, what went through your head?
A: I was so excited. It was really cool. It was my first overall that I have ever taken. As tough as I like to think I am, I actually started crying haha. It was really cool, I was so happy. It was like a relief.

Q: So safe to say the WBFF is where you want to stick with?
A: Yeah it is. I love the organization in terms of where I want to go professionally and just the body types and what they reward. It felt like home. Everyone looks different, all the pros. You have to come in your personal best, your personal peak, every time. Structure wise, figure wise, when I stepped on stage, I never felt more comfortable or satisfied. Even after pre-judge, some organizations after pre-judge you know where you are gonna place, it's not the case in WBFF, you never know. You can get called out, but it doesn't mean that's where you are gonna be. I was really happy with what I had done and it turned out I ended up winning. It was awesome.

Q: Any competing plans in the near future?
A: I do, I will be competing at the WBFF World's August 24th-25th in Toronto.

Q: You have done photo shoots, do you enjoy that?
A: I do enjoy photo shoots. I think they are fun. I just did one yesterday. I just signed with a modeling agency in Boston. A photo shoot for fitness industry and a photo shoot for more main stream are two completely different things.

Q: Do you have a preference for the stage or in front of camera or are they just two different things?
A: Two different things and I love them both equally.

Q: In the gym, beautiful girl, great physique, do you get any stares or unwanted attention?
A: I go to a couple different gyms. When I go to a gym, I look as horrible as possible, don't do my hair, don't do my make-up, wear grungy clothes haha. Lately I have been going to a twenty-four hour gym after work late at night so hardly anyone is there. There is one guy who stares a lot but I sort of glare at him and he stopped so I guess I am o.k. haha.

Q: In public do you dress to show it off or cover up to avoid attention?
A: I really don't have a life. Going out is just getting to the super market, work and gym. When it's hot I wear a tank top and I do get comments but lately it's from people who don't know me. Co-workers say things like "you're getting jacked" which helps cause it means I am getting closer, but it's more an appreciative thing. Sometimes people make comments like "oh, you work out", like when i go to the doctors some of the nurses will look at me or whatever

Q; You are always very busy, is it hard to get all your food in and things?
A: No, I eat in the car, or anywhere. I'll eat anywhere. I am very good at that. If I gotta eat, I eat, or I get moody and cranky.

Q: You work on a radio show, can you talk about that.
A: Yeah, I host a radio show on FTNS called the Body Shop, it's every Tuesday with WBFF Pro Michelle Welcome. It's been since October or November. It is fitness based, talking about a lot of fun things, in the industry, our lives, or interviewing people from the industry, competitors, celebrities, supplement people, that sort of thing.

Q: If you could spend a day training with any one person who would it be?
A: At this moment I would train with Arnold in Venice Beach Gold's.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I want to thank you for always being completely supportive of so many women, you are awesome. I would love to thank my coach P.J. Braun for being a crazy sick genius and always having a plan that comes to fruition. The WBFF for being a great home so far and doing great things. My co-workers for keeping it real and my parents for supporting me.

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