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Rachel Genesky Interview

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One time I was late posting an interview for a competitor. She said "I understand, I know I am not a big name and am less important". I was a bit insulted by that. Because if you know me, you will know I don't get the thrill from interviewing some top name pro that I get when I interview someone like Rachel Genesky. Someone who is on the newer side of competing, but has a ton of potential. It's a thrill to somewhat introduce them to the fans of the sport. Rachel Genesky is someone who with each and every show has shown improvement, especially with her last couple shows. Rachel will be doing Jr. USA's in a week, her first national show, so this is my opportunity to introduce you to someone who will definitely turn some heads and make an impression in her first national show.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I was always really into horseback riding when I was growing up. When I was eight years old is when I first started taking lessons. I got my first horse when I was eleven. I was always outside, always riding, competing, I did that till I went to college. When I went to college I left my horse at home and was a little lost, so I needed something to do. I looked into the gym at my school, it was free for students. I didn't do a lot of weights. After a few months I ventured out and found a local Gold's Gym and did some classes. It was when I was about twenty years old when I met my current boyfriend. He was really into lifting weights so it got me more comfortable with lifting and building more muscle. When I started to do that people started to comment and say I had a good physique and should keep with it. I did it for a couple years and met a friend who had a nutritionist who prepped people. I hooked up with him and got ready for my first show.

Q: What made you decide to compete?
A: I would say the fact I had always been competitive. I was always someone who was interested in having a goal and competing was always a goal no matter what sport I was involved in. When I learned about competitions and that is is something you do yourself and you push yourself, it was really appealing to me because as a horseback rider, its you and the horse, not a team sport. The thought of doing something that was all me, it really appealed to me. It was a scary step to commit to doing my fist show, but I ended up saying "I am gonna do it". I found the person who was gonna be my coach for the first show and I just went from there.

Q: That first show, when you are about to go on stage, were you nervous?
A: I was definitely nervous. I remember leaving the stage and saying "was I even out there?", because I almost blacked out in a sense because of the nerves being so high. It still can be nerve racking, up there in front of all these people judging you. I still get nervous even though I have done eight shows. It gets better every time but definitely the first was very nerve racking.

Q: For a lot of people, after that first show, it becomes an addiction, was that the case for you?
A: I would definitely say so. I ended up doing another show five or six months later. I took a little time to see where I could improve and I definitely wanted to get better. So I knew from that moment that it was something I was interested in doing. It is kind of addictive because you are always striving to be better and it is coming from within yourself.

Q: You have a big show coming up, can you talk about that?
A: I am doing Jr. USA's, its my first national level show. I have done some larger regional shows before, the Jay Cutler, the Atlantic States, things within New England. Last year I did really well so I thought it was time to do a national level show where I could have the potential to go pro. So I have been prepping for that. It is a week out today and has been about a seventeen week prep. I always put my all into every prep. I get very specific, don't miss a workout or cardio and am specific with my diet. This time has been especially show since it's my first national show and I want to do really well.

Q: It looks like with each show you get more and more confident, is that accurate?
A: I would say so. Every time you get a little more comfortable. Last year I did four shows almost back to back so towards the end it's like "I just did this last weekend", so you are in the routine. Sometimes the first show in your season is more nerve racking because you haven't been on stage for eight months or so, but with each show I get more comfortable. The fact is that your poise and stage presence counts for so much that you do want to convey the feeling of being comfortable.

Q: Last couple shows your overall conditioning was much better, did you do anything different for those?
A: I would say that I think it was just a matter of being on the diet for longer and longer. I didn't really do anything drastically different, I just got more conditioned with being on the diet for longer, I kept losing more body fat. This year my conditioning will be good, but a little different, because they are looking for not so much of a highly conditioned body for figure now that they have physique. I will be really conditioned but not as conditioned as last year.

Q: What is one reason Jr. USA's will be your best package?
A: Because I am working with P.J. Braun, and he is the master, which is awesome. I think he has a good eye for what they want on a national level stage. Also I think I have down a lot of the details like getting super specific with jewelry, getting my hair done a certain way. All those little details I am bringing out this year so my total package is spot on.

Q: You have a good amount of muscle, would you ever consider physique?
A: For me, I am really stuck on wanting to do figure. I like the way they have the heels, its really pretty, I just always wanted to be a figure pro. With the introduction of physique, I am not sure if that will end up being something I go into. I do have a lot of muscle and am not completely opposed to doing because I like to lift heavy, I like to keep my rep range low, squat heavy, and a lot of these things will create a physique they are not really rewarding in figure. I need to come to the conclusion of either lifting the way I like and go to physique or change how I lift and stay in figure. I am gonna see how I do at the national level and if things don't pan out I would be open to physique.

Q: Do you have a favorite part to train and whats an example of a typical workout for it?
A: I would say probably currently would be back. It changes. A couple months ago it would have been shoulders, in the off season it would have been legs, but right now it's back, it's one of my best body parts. I have big lats so it's nice to lift something you are strong with. I like to do a lot of lat pull-downs and a lot of different attachments and different grips. I like to do some pull ups, bent-over row, and a lot of dead-lifts as well.

Q: When you are in the gym, beautiful girl with an uncommon physique, do you get a lot of unwanted attention or stares?
A: Well I work out typically at the same gym. People there know me and know I get in the zone. I am there to do business. I have a vibe about me that they know better than to schmoe up on me. On the weekends I sometimes go to Gold's in New Haven which is the best gym ever. They have a lot of people who compete so if they look at me, it's not in a schmoe way, it's appreciating the work I have done. We find each other motivating. But in my home gym they know to keep distance.

Q: In public, do you dress to show it off or cover it up type person?
A: I am definitely a cover it up person. I have had friends say they don't know what my legs look like cause I never wear shorts. I usually wear a sweatshirt in the gym. Try and keep it a surprise for when I compete. Plus then I don't have to deal with weird looks because I am leaner than the average female. In baggy clothes people cant tell the difference.

Q: If you could spend one day training with anyone you want, who would it be?
A: Probably Erin Stern. She is someone I look up to and she trains in a unique way with a lot of power moves. She does a lot of really explosive movements and that would benefit me. I don't do the style she does. She seems down to earth so to meet her and train with her would be beneficial and fun.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: My boyfriend Josh Landry, my family and friends, and I want to also say thank you to Tracy DeEscobar for introducing me to you. For the Braun fitness team I wanted to specifically shout out P.J. Braun, Kristin Poundstone, Kelly Hansen, Marc Andrade, Tina and Garrett Elias, Deanna Shipman, Nichole Morgillo, Mike Holly, Tabi and Rudy Leandri, and the rest of the Braun Fitness team!

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