Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tiffany Mosley Interview

Tiffany Mosleyy competed for the first time in 2010 and didn't place all that well, but she did look great. This year she returned to the stage at the N.C. States, this time in Physique, against a tough field of competitors. Against that tough field, she took an impressive third place. She plans on competing at Team Universe this year and can be expected to make a good showing there as well.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I was always athletic in high school and college. Running track and playing basketball. When I was stationed in New York, I went to Golds Gym to play basketball. I saw a flyer for a bodybuilding show and went to check it out. After that I said "I have to do this". I started going to the gym and copying people, I didn't know what I was doing. I saw what people did and copied that till I eventually learned.

Q: What made you compete?
A: I am a competitive person. I miss playing organized sports. Being in the military I couldn't join a track team or anything. Bodybuilding is something you can do on your own, I wanted to compete, so why not try it out.

Q: When you started to figure things out, was there anyone you looked up to.
A: A Sargent at my unit, Jaime, she's a pro bodybuilder. I asked her questions and she helped me out.

Q: You did the Gold's Classic in 2010, did you know right away you wanted to keep doing it?
A: Yeah! I was addicted as soon as I was on stage. Although I go last place, I had fun and wanted to get on stage again.

Q: Why switch to physique?
A: I like the look of physique competitors and what they are rewarding. I didn't want to get bigger, I like the size I am now. I know at my size I wouldn't go far in bodybuilding.

Q: Is there anything you changed in training or diet for physique?
A: Not really, cause I still needed more muscle. But the diet, my coach had me on a keto diet and it worked better for me. My first show I wasn't lean enough and the diet didn't work for me.

Q: You recently took third at the N.C. States against some good girls, how satisfied were you?
A: I was extremely satisfied. Just to be standing beside Britt Miller, everyone knows her and how amazing she was in bodybuilding. I was very pleased with my placing.

Q: The posing is somewhat the same and somewhat different, do you prefer one of them?
A: I love the physique posing. We are set apart and its more graceful and elegant. I love how more feminine it looks. It looks better for a woman.

Q: You are doing Team Universe correct?
A: Yes.

Q: What made you decide to do that?
A: I wanna do a National level show this year. part of it is location cause I have friends there, and part is I wanna get my moneys worth for my NPC card this year.

Q: Looking at how you looked at N.C. States, what improvements do you want to make for Team Universe?
A: My legs need to be leaner and tighter. Overall just be leaner but I really wanna work on my legs.

Q: Do you get any of the stares or unwanted attention at the gym?
A: I get a lot of stares. I wouldn't call it unwanted because I like knowing I am different. People ask questions or are interested, I haven't had anything negative said.

Q: In public do you show it off or cover it up?
A: I always show it off. Always wear straps or anything to show of my muscles, I am very proud of it.

Q: You recently were at the Arnold's, anyone you were excited to finally meet?
A: My favorite physique athlete Jillian Reville, I was so glad to meet her, and I got to meet Kai Greene.

Q: Is the goal to win a pro card?
A: Its not my ultimate goal, but I would love to. I wanna advance further on.

Q: Long term are you satisfied with physique or would you ever go back to bodybuilding?
A: Definitely sticking with physique.

Q: To me, your biggest improvements is your back, would you agree?
A: Oh yeah, my back definitely became my best part.

Q: For newer people, give an idea of your back day?
A: I always start with pull-ups, because in the marines it was a goal of mine to do more than the guys, and I think its a reason my back is so good. Then after that, lat pull-downs, dumbbell rows, underhand rows, underhand pull-downs and the straight arm pull-downs.

Q: Anyone you wanna thank?
A: This is the hard part. My coach P.J. Braun, he believed in me and improved my physique a lot. My friends and family for putting up with me and IFBB Pro Amanda Harris, she is my posing coach and is amazing.

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