Monday, April 23, 2012

Cassie Rodish Interview

Meghan Wright was scheduled to face Jessica Philippus at the debut Invicta card. Jessica was forced to pull out of the fight, which left an opportunity for Cassie Rodish to get on the card and take on Wright. Rodish was already in cap with a fight scheduled for two weeks after the Invicta card, so she will be coming in prepared and in shape with the hopes of putting on an exciting performance. Don't let it being the opening fight fool you into thinking its not going to be good. This fight has the chance to really be a highlight for the night.

Q: For those who may not be familiar, can you talk about how you got started in the sport?
A: Yeah, I started in Muay Thai and did a lot of amateur fights. It's how I started, and I fell in love with it. There aren't a lot of opportunities in Muay Thai so MMA was a logical progression. So I started working on my ground and did some amateur fights. I just fell in love with it and have been strictly MMA.

Q: You are replacing Jessica Philippus against Meghan Wright. How did you find out about the opportunity?
A: Janet Martin called and said Jessica had to pull out and if I would take the fight at 105LBS. I accepted, its a huge opportunity. I am super grateful she thought of me. I wanna put on a good show and thank her for the opportunity.

Q: Was there part of you that considered not accepting it on short notice, or is this just too big a card to pass up?
A: Yeah, its definitely way to big to pass up. I have had difficulties finding corners on short notice so that was uncomforting, but Jessica accepted and will be my corner. I feel good with her, she is super sweet. So I would not pass up this opportunity.

Q: How helpful can it be to have a corner like Jessica, someone who was actually training to fight your opponent?
A: That's what me and my camp talked about. If I couldn't have the people I needed, who would be the next best? The person who has trained all these weeks, who was making her pro debut, so you know she had a great game plan. That little bit of knowledge will be wonderful.

Q: on a show that's all female, is there part of you that wants to be in the fight people remember and talk about, kind of steal the show?
A: Oh yeah absolutely. Not just it being a female card, but the level of fighters on this show is incredible. I was going as a fan and now I get to be in the cage. I am so excited, I just wanna come out and make my name.

Q: What do you know about Meghan?
A: Really not a lot. I have seen tapes but her fights have been short, so I haven't seen how she reacts to going into alter rounds or what other weapons she has. Its kind of a disadvantage to not know all her qualities. I know she is scrappy and tough and likes to fight, so I expect a war.

Q: Where do you hold the biggest advantage?
A: My stand-up is really good. I feel like from what I have seen, she likes to get it to the ground and has been wrestling a while, so I think my stand-up, fast hands, hard punches and kicks, are areas that will be better. I have been working my ground the last two and a half years so wherever it goes, I feel great.

Q: Assuming she does take it to the ground, how helpful can a corner like Jessica, who has the wrestling be?
A: Obviously she is great on the ground so any insight she can give me will help. having Jessica is a win win for sure.

Q: Does the last minute change help either one of you more than the other?
A: I think it favors me because she has had time to think about the gravity of the show. For me, its just a great opportunity. I feel grateful. I am really excited. I have been training to fight may 12th so I am ready to go.

Q: What is the key to winning for you?
A: Not getting punched in the face haha. I think she wants to be on the ground on top, so the worst position for me is the bottom. So I need to be in a dominate position and on the ground be constantly working.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Obviously I predict I will win. I would love a TKO but I will take a decision, just looking for the win.

Q: What does a card like this mean for you and women's MMA?
A: Its huge. It really shows the level of commitment they have to building the women's division. It is hard to be a female fighter. I live in Iowa and all my training partners are wonderful but I don't have other women. This helps little girls get interested in MMA and build it up. It helps people who don't have their name out there, and I am so grateful to them for doing this.

Q: Are there any other women you are excited to see fight in person?
A: I'm excited about every fight to be honest. My good friend Michele Gutierrez is fighting and I am super excited. She has been training super hard and coming off a crazy stoppage. I am most excited for her fight.

Q: Any idea what you want next?
A: Whatever comes next. This is my first pro bout at 105LBS so I am hoping after this win I can show people they want me on their cards. Hopefully I get offers at 105LBS.

Q: Anyone you want to thank or mention?
A: I have to thank my teammates at Des Moines Jiu-Jitsu, they are the best. They all push me and back me. My head coach Jarred Taylor, he has prepared me to win. Thanks to him for seeing the fighter in me. My awesome sponsors Cardio Force and Insanity Wear. Thank them for helping me. I will be wearing Insanity Fight Gear in the cage, so everyone check them out.

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