Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Asked It: Michelle Ould

Q: With your looks, being so attractive, is it harder for you to be taken serious as a fighter?
A: It can go either way. Other fighters might see femininity as a weakness, but promoters know that it can be used as a marketing tool. It's just best to be well rounded in every department and have a thick skin. I'm not going to exploit my looks too extremely, nor am I going to be offended by getting hit on or complimented. Its a business and there needs to be checks and balances just like everything else.

Q: Do you have an MMA role models?
A: Plenty. Male and female. Henderson, Aldo, Mendes, Chandler, Lima, Pettis, Benavidez.Cyborg, Eye, Young, Fuji, LaRosa, Carano, Esparza, Aguilar, Ward, McMann, Honchak, Magana

Q: Is Gina Carano not fighting a negative for WMMA?
A: Despite her absence she is still topic of conversation and no one has come close to being on her level of fan favoritism. Maybe her absence just adds to the suspense. I see it as a positive...glass is always half full in my world.

Q: You never fought as an amateur. Would you suggest people fight amateur first?
A: Uh hell ya. I got lied to and still am bitter I never got to get my feet wet as an ammy when I think about it. So I just try not to think about it lol. All of my friends that want to get into fighting I tell em to train at least a year before they fight then do a few ammys n go from there. Its pretty individual though.

Q: Is it smarter to do some grappling tournaments or amateur boxing before taking an MMA fight?
A: Absolutely. Muay thai as well. The more the better IMO

Q: If you could fight anyone, who would it be?
A: Frausto of course, but theres alot of girls I'd like to get my hands on

Q: Is there anyone you wish you could train with just once?
A: Cyborg, or Fuji

Q: is Zuffa owning Strikeforce good or bad for WMMA?
A: So far it's yet to be seen

Q: Would you rather fight in Bellator, Strikeforce, or Japan?
A: Wherevers clever

Q: What has been your toughest fight?
A: Lynn Alvarez. Don't remember much, except I didn't know how to cut weight I was brand new and I got too dehydrated and I didn't recover. I weighed in naked n didn't even cover up cuz I was so delirious and never so that fight took it out of me. But we beat the crap out each other. Shes a sweet girl

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite part of training?
A: Favorite part is when it is over, least favorite is the laundry

Q: Do you ever get scared or nervous before a fight?
A: Hell ya. Not from my opponent, but from fear of disappointing friends, coaches, fans. I am a perfectionist and to screw up even the smallest things. Fighting isn't perfect or pretty and I am learning to accept that.

Q: When you fought Zoila Frausto what exactly was your injury?
A: 3 stress fractures in my right foot and ankle

Q: Do you think ref's stop women's fights too soon?
A: Sometimes

Q: Should women ref women's fights?
A: Why not. They know from experience our level of threshold of pain

Q: You always speak what you feel, which I respect, but do you ever feel like maybe you should have just bit your tongue?
A: It hurts when I bite my tongue, why would I do that. Besides, theres enough women too scared to speak their mind, I'd rather not be a part of that group. As long as I am honest I have no regrets. Cuz theres a few liars out there that should be ashamed of themselves

Q: What do you think of Dana White?
A: Not much

Q: Who are the top 5 female fighters?
A: Fuji, Larosa, Zingano, McMann, Cyborg, Kaufman ya that's more than 5, whatevs

Q: Do you ever feel promoters are using you or others females as a side show attraction?
A: MMA in general is still viewed as a side show attraction. I guess it's all about
perspective. Promoters have their view about us, but trust me we have our views about them. Some are great people. Some are like sleazy car salesmen. Its all funny to me in the end. I used to get riled up, now I just laugh at it all.

Q: Who is the most overrated female fighter?
A: I would say Fausto but from the sounds of it everyone kinda already has her figured out. hmmm...that's a tough question. Probably Tate. Unless she remains consistent. But her last win was finally over someone her weight and in the top ten so,guess we will see who gets over hyped next. I enjoy watching every dedicated female athlete put her heart out there and despite all our differences we are striving for the same goal for the most part. Save a few lol.

Tx for the questions everyone, train hard and have fun inflicting damage legally :)
You rock Jason.

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