Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spotlight Interview: Sarah Maloy

On October 1st Sarah Maloy was set to fight Amanda LaVoy for the FCF promotion. Even though a pro fight, Sarah was set to and prepared to fight three three minute rounds as she usually does for the FCF. At some point in the night Amanda claims to have been expecting the rounds to be five minutes in length. The result was Amanda refusing to fight and both fighters being suspended. While both fighters being suspended is unfair, as Sarah should not be, it is understandable as the commission does need to sort things out. With LaVoy making comments and even a video, I felt it was fair to give Sarah a chance to explain her side, and in this interview, she does that, as professional as always.

Q: So when did you actually sign the contract to fight Amanda LaVoy?
A: I signed the contract the day of the fight. With the FCF, its a local promotion, right here in my backyard. I have a good raport with the FCF, I have fought for them a few times, so usually because they know I will show up, we verbally agree on terms and sign the contract at weigh-ins or the next day when we get there for the fight.

Q: How far in advance did you know about the fight?
A: I knew about the fight....golly..... months in advance, but I had a different opponent. Amanda was a last minute replacement.

Q: Regardless of what happened, do you think Amanda is a good match-up for you?
A: You know, like they always say, everybody has a punchers chance haha. But as far as our skill set, my camp and I felt confident I would come out on top, and most likely in the first round.

Q: So in you were under the assumption it was three minute rounds?
A: Yes, I always have fought three minute rounds for FCF. Even my title fight was three minute rounds. So I have never fought anything other than three minute rounds for FCF.

Q: At what point did you realize there was a problem?
A: My training partner Angela was fighting and she was the fifth fight. Right before she went out was the first time Dorothy approached me about the round time being an issue with Amanda.

Q: So the whole point of her complain was just that she wanted five minutes?
A: From what I understand she just wanted five minute rounds, not three minutes. I didn't communicate much with her. It's at the fights, you are in your own area, so I didn't communicate much with her. So I am not sure why she wanted it to be more time.

Q: I read that she said she trained for five minute rounds. In theory, if she trained for five minute rounds, wouldn't it being three minutes actually benefit her in a way?
A: Oh yea! If I trained for five minute rounds and someone said "You only have to fight three" I am gonna go balls to the wall for three minutes, it gives me and advantage. So I consider it an advantage on her part. But I cant speak for her, in her eyes it might have been a disadvantage.

Q: Was there any attempts at a compromise?
A: At first, Dorothy came to me and said "she wants to go five minute rounds, what do you think about that", and I was like "I trained for three minute rounds, the fight is supposed to be three minute rounds". Dorothy did a good job sheltering me from the drama until Amanda burst into my locker room haha. She tried to handle it and cut the drama off, without having to put me in the middle of it, letting me focus on the fight. She came back to me and said "What do you think about four minute rounds, meeting in the middle", my fighter was fighting at the time and I said "whatever, just deal with it", in a nice way haha. So she asked her about four minute rounds and she said no. I didn't hear anything after that, I am taped up, I am gloved up, I am getting warmed up.

Q: I read that she was walking through the crowd yelling, did you see that?
A: The only thing I saw, the locker rooms are upstairs, so you have to walk down to the crowd. I saw her go one time, but I was told she was warned like five times.

Q: So at what point did you realize she wasn't coming out to fight?
A: There was a fight before my fight and an intermission. Dorothy told me during the fight before mine.

Q: I saw where she said you didn't want to fight her....
A: Hahaha

Q: Want to set the record straight?
A: I would have thoroughly enjoyed fighting her.

Q: You saw her little video, what did you make of it?
A: I think what's going on now is, I don't think she expected it to get so much attention. It was probably an attempt to get it under control maybe. I don't think it was a successful attempt haha.

Q: So you have both been suspended correct?
A: Correct, we are both suspended pending a hearing.

Q: And the people behind FCF are backing you at the hearing correct?
A: Yes, they will be speaking on my behalf at the hearing.

Q: Taking that into account, and pretty much everyone taking your side, does that make a bad situation any better?
A: Its nice to have all the support, but as far as the situation goes, there is no way I can feel better. She made a mockery of the sport, attempted to tarnish my reputation, attempted to end my career. I am not one of those fighters who has a full-time job and does this on the side. Not that anything is wrong with that, they love the sport as much as me, but I own an MMA gym, I teach, I train, fighting is my career. If I were to have an indefinite suspension, that would be my career, I would have to find something else to do. Its nice to have the support but there is not feeling better about the situation.

Q: I asked you to do this, cause I know you, I know who the professional one is. But is there anything you look back and say "maybe I could have done this different"?
A: You know, I don't have any regrets about the way that I acted. I was professional the whole time, I never stopped staying focused on the fight, I wrapped up, gloved up, warmed up. It wasn't until they told me she wasn't fighting that I took my gloves off. But at that point I was still gonna go to the ring and present my mom with a gift, my mom was representing the females in my family with breast cancer, I have five family members who are breast cancer survivors, it is rampant in my family, so it meant a lot to me. They were letting me do it, even with Amanda not fighting, and I still kept my wraps on haha. At that point I was in the hallway, between the hallway and stairs was her locker room, she kept coming out and yelling and cursing at me, so I made snap decision to abandon going to the ring and let it boil over. As much as a love to fight I avoid confrontation, so I went back to the locker room.

Q: With all the stuff she has said, is it hard to be professional and not just trash her like she tried?
A: I think under different circumstances it might be harder, but the truth of the situation is pretty much doing to her worse than any trashing could do. She is successfully working herself over, and doesn't need me to do it. So it makes it easy. Plus, I have a sport to represent, women I train, and kids I teach that I have to make sure I keep in mind they can be watching, my students are my friends, and I want them so see professionalism.

Q: So let her bury herself?
A: Yeah, and she is doing a pretty good job.

Q: Someone said it would help you guys make more in a future fight with each other. My opinion is she doesn't deserve that opportunity. Would you fight her if it was offered?
A: The intelligent side of me wants to agree with you. This is the second time I was supposed to fight her. We were supposed to fight in April, and she backed out a week before the fight. Luckily it was in time to get me a replacement opponent, and we did three minute rounds haha. She didn't have a legit reason the first time, she had a fight five weeks away and just didn't want to fight. In the MMA world that is plenty of time to recover, regrouped and fight again. Its hard to go through a training camp and time it to peak at the right time, get ready to fight, and then not fight. I don't know if I would ever wanna do that again.

Q: So whats next for you?
A: Well, of course I am at the mercy of the commission, as frustrating as it is, but Sam has booked me for a fight for November 14th in Colorado Springs against Angela Hayes.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: Golly, there are so many people I want to thank. Of course my sponsors, Tussle, DOM, Crowe Heat N Air, Ada Professional Fighters, Revgear, Bella Boxer and Exfuse, everyone who makes this possible. I wanna thank my friends and supporters for keeping it professional. No one has attacked her personally and said harsh things, just stating facts, a few of the fighters spoke out saying what happened, but everyone kept it professional. Katrina Belcher, Sam Wilson, Scott Crosby, Janet Martin, Lacey Neher Slade Bittler, all reached out and supported me and are behind me, and that means a lot.

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