Friday, June 3, 2011

Brea's Blog by Brea Sharron

Wow! What an awesome show, especially for it being the first national show of the year, and the addition of Mens and Womens physique divisions! I've always loved Charleston; great venue, great vendors (thanks for all the samples... hehe) and ran a lot quicker than I expected, which says a lot when you're hungry...

First of all a HUGE thanks to CJ ( for a STUNNING suit when she found me in the hall of the host hotel after being shipped 2 wrong suits in less than 48 hours before I went on stage.... On that note, I dont normally "blast" anyone or anything but after talking to a few other ladies I feel like I should share so no one else has the same problem I did.... I order an absolutely stunning suit from Vizion wear out of New Mexico a few weeks before my show and told them it was very last minute and to let me know if it couldn't be ready in time and I was assured it would be no problem. I was also told I would be emailed pictures of the suit before it was mailed. After hearing nothing for a few weeks I called the Tuesday before Jr. and the designer told me he would send it later in the day and email me the tracking information. No emails came but Thursday around 11am I got a package and opened it to find a suit, but with the wrong fabric, wrong connectors, and definitely didn't fit. I called Vizion Wear a few times with no response, posted on their facebook wall and emailed with no responses. Meanwhile I was dealing with a family emergency so thank goodness for amazing friends who were there when I need them but finally around around 6pm the designer called and I was told they would overnight me "my" suit (which he had to ask which connectors I wanted even though it was "sitting right next to him....:) to the hotel in Charleston I was staying... After checking at the hotel all day I finally got the new suit Fri evening and it was again the wrong fabric, missing the connector between the triangle top and the bottoms were smaller but still to big... I got back in contact with the designer and he said he didn't remember the conversation we had about how I wanted a fabric with a print (both of the suits were just one colored) and how I should have sent him pictures of what I wanted (not sure how I am supposed to send pictures of what I am asking you to make for me...) None the less he said he would overnight me yet another suit before I had to be on stage in about 16 hours... Which needless to say never came... Fortunately I found CJ right before check ins and was blessed enough to be able to wear a suit as amazing as she is!!!!!!

But back to the show, other than the amazing CJ huge thanks to of course, goes without saying, Silverback Krew ( Cellucor and Six Pack Bags ( and use the promo code "brea" for an extra 10% off on either site!!!) and all my amazing friends for all of there love and support I definitely couldn't have pulled this one off without each and everyone one of you!!!! It was awesome to see Candice Graham get her pro card in bikini she always brings her A game and has been improving steadily since I saw her the first time rock North Americans last year! Also congrats to Amanda Duncan she is absolutely stunning and a sweetheart backstage!! Cristina Vujnich (hung out with her at an after party in Ohio at the Arnold and she is awesome too!) and Diana Graham were also in the running for the two pro cards being awarded in my opinion, so watch out for these two winning pro cards in Chicago!!!! My placing didn't go quite as well as I had hoped, but I was heighted at 5'1 1/4 (I'm 5' 3/4, and was heighted at 5' 1/4 a few weeks prior at NC State Show but it's all part of the game) so I bumped to B class, which at such a tiny frame already, makes me look even smaller, but anyway, I came in the best I ever have and had the best weekend with some amazing people, so only complaint here is not getting enough pictures!!! :o)

Quote of the day:
Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else's hands, but not you.

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