Friday, June 18, 2010

Where's the Money At? by Lacey Shuckman

Where's the Money At?

This week I want to ask the ago old question, "Where's the money at?" MMA is quickly becoming a billion dollar industry, so where is all that cash flow going? I mean the fighters that are contracted with promotions such as UFC and Strikeforce do well thanks to sponsors and pretty sweet purses, but what about the rest of the fighters in the MMA community? I mean Dana White is on Forbes's list but not the athlete's that are out there putting there safety on the line. This just seems completely backwards! I mean don't get me wrong I'm not naive, I know that he's a very intelligent business savvy man but what about the other thousands of promotions, what are those promoters taking home? The only possible explanation I can come up with is greed! Promoters have a lot to do to make a show happen, set up fights, venues, liquor sales, licensing fees, etc. but at the end of the night they are walking home very happy! I mean don't get me wrong they work very hard but what about the fighters that spend 6+ weeks preparing for a fight, come fight there hearts out and go home with a measly 1000 bucks! It really erks me! I mean if your show only sells 500 tickets I can understand the lack of budget but to me once you have the venue then get your fighters taken care of don't leave purses for the remaining budget after all is said and done! I mean hell there's times ring girls make more then I do! This issue is always kept locked away and it is very hard to honestly know where the money's going and what budget a promotion has to work with. It makes it so hard for fighters to go out get better training, equipment, and progress as a fighter when you make jack doing what you love! I wish this sport had more investors like boxing, I know we have quite a few but very rarely do you hear about an mma fighter making millions on his purse! Even B level boxers make a few hundred thousand per fight! I know I am just ranting but I wish someone could please explain where all the money that fans are dishing out for this sport is going? I mean there are a million clothing companies, sponsors, etc., boxing doesn't have half of that merchandising but has unlimited funds, what's the deal! Here is my question to you, As a community (MMA) how can we figure out this conundrum and get the funds divided accordingly??? Please someone explain to me!!!

Lacey Schuckman

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