Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Icing On The Cake by Tisha Rodrigues

Oh wait a minute.. While I come down from cloud 9!!! Soooo.. The last time I made a journal entry I was getting ready to compete in my second grappling tournament for NAGA.. I decided two weeks prior to compete in it. I was a little weary as I had just gotten my blue belt 3 weeks prior and would now be going into the Intermediate division with girls who do Jiu Jitsu everyday against my maybe twice per week, as well as the fact it's now up to 5 years exp against my almost 2!!! The difference between people who are grapplers and MMA fighters, is that I'm doing Muay thai, boxing, gi, no gi ect.. While they are doing.. Gi, no gi, gi, no gi.. Everyday!!! The difference between me and them.. Heart and will to compete against them and go against the odds..and I did. I went in with no expectations. I spoke with my trainer Mike Littlefield the day prior about what a jump this would be for me. He concurred and added what a great challenge and test it would also be. We have some great Jiu Jitsu players at my school that are gracious in always helping me out, but I never get much opportunities to roll with women and test my skills in that way. Let me tell you this.. I do not think women are easier at all!! The two girls I had matches with were both phenomenal. Strong skilled and athletic! It was by far an easy win. I won my first match by points.. My shoot was text book in the first fight, but her guard was powerful and I struggled to break it. I controlled her, kept good base and won that match. The second was insane as I knew it would be. I had watched the girl I was about to fight already have her first match. This time when I shot in, there was too my hesitation in my shoot and she came close to the guillotine!! I escaped. I was in her half guard, to guard back and fourth, I think. I was doing again great from the top trying to get a choke, while she was sneakingly trying to put a slick triangle attempt on me. I smashed her legs over. As she scrambled over, I took her back and RNC'd her instantly.. I saw the tap tap tap and I'm pretty sure I was smiling. Then after I jumped up to scream...YES.. I forgot for a sec to go shake hands with my opponent. Both girls were gracious in their congratulations. Both very awesome ladies, I was proud to compete with. There are no words for when they walked over with that NAGA sign with me standing in first place getting a Gold medal placed around my neck. I had earlier thought to myself, Why can't today be my day? Today IS my day... And it was. Going into this was experience for me, the next challenge. Winning, was just icing on the cake! To top off my awesome weekend, the next day my 11 year old son also competed for the first time.. And yup... Also won his division!!! Can it get any better than this? Proud mom I am. Proud of myself I am. Grateful to everyone who believed I could do it. My husband who actually teared up and to my Boneyard Soldiers who are always by my side.

Tisha Rodrigues

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