Friday, April 27, 2018

Invicta FC 29 Predictions

We are back with our predictions for Invicta FC 29 which takes place May 4th. At the time of predictions Adriana Vucovic had no announced opponent so her bout will be skipped. Joining myself (Jason Adams) are Alyssa Vasquez, Amy Montenegro, Ashley Hawkins, Chris Gregory, Emily Andzulis, Jehnn Stumborg, Jen Aniano, Jenna Bernick, Jenna Skinner, Jillian DeCoursey, Kate Brummitt, Katherine Grasshopper, Katie Casimir, Kerry Hughes, Kia Lola, Lacey Hancock, Layla Newton, Leigh-Ann Baskey, Lindsey VanZandt, Mallory Kane, Missy Pontbriand, Monica Franco, Olivia Parker, Rach Wiley, Rachael Smith, Sarah Shell, Serena DeJesus, Shamir Peshewa, Sophie Sharp, Stephanie Skinner, Tamikka Brents and Teri Brents.

1. Helen Peralta (1-0) vs Cheyanne Vlismas (1-0)
Alyssa: Peralta
Amy: Vlismas
Ashley: Peralta
Chris: Peralta
Emily: Peralta
Jason: Peralta
Jehnn: Vlismas
Jen: Peralta
Jenna B: Peralta
Jenna S: Peralta
Jillian: Peralta
Kate: Vlismas
Katherine: Vlismas
Katie: Vlismas
Kerry: Vlismas
Kia: Peralta
Lacey: Peralta
Layla: Peralta
Leigh-Ann: Peralta
Lindsey: Vlismas
Mallory: Peralta
Missy: Peralta
Monica: Vlismas
Olivia: Peralta
Rach: Peralta
Rachael: Peralta
Sarah: Peralta
Serena: Vlismas
Shamir: Peralta
Sophie: Vlismas
Stephanie Peralta
Tamikka: Vlismas
Teri: Vlismas
Totals: Peralta- 21 Vlismas- 12

2. Allison Schmidt (1-0) vs Macy Chiasson (1-0)
Alyssa: Schmidt
Amy: Chiasson
Ashley: Schmidt
Chris: Schmidt
Emily: Schmidt
Jason: Chiasson
Jehnn: Chiasson
Jen: Schmidt
Jenna B: Schmidt
Jenna S: Chiasson
Jillian: Schmidt
Kate: Schmidt
Katherine: Chiasson
Katie: Chiasson
Kerry: Chiasson
Kia: Schmidt
Lacey: Schmidt
Layla: Chaisson
Leigh-Ann: Chiasson
Lindsey: Chiasson
Mallory: Schmidt
Missy: Chiasson
Monica: Chiasson
Olivia: Schmidt
Rach: Chiasson
Rachael: Schmidt
Sarah Chiasson
Serena: Schmidt
Shamir: Chiasson
Sophie: Schmidt
Stephanie: Chiasson
Tamikka: Schmidt
Teri: Schmidt
Totals: Schmidt- 17 Chiasson- 16

3. Yaya Rincon (2-0) vs Lisa Spangler (0-0)
Alyssa: Rincon
Amy: Spangler
Ashley: Rincon
Chris: Rincon
Emily: Spangler
Jason: Rincon
Jehnn: Spangler
Jen: Rincon
Jenna B: Rincon
Jenna S: Rincon
Jillian: Rincon
Kate: Spangler
Katherine: Rincon
Katie: Rincon
Kerry: Rincon
Kia: Rincon
Lacey: Spangler
Layla: Rincon
Leigh-Ann: Rincon
Lindsey: Rincon
Mallory: Rincon
Missy: Rincon
Monica: Rincon
Olivia: Rincon
Rach: Rincon
Rachael: Rincon
Sarah: Rincon
Serena: Rincon
Shamir: Rincon
Sophie: Rincon
Stephanie: Rincon
Tamikka: Rincon
Teri: Rincon
Totals: Rincon- 28 Spangler- 5

4. Liz Tracy (4-2) vs Cheri Muraski (4-1)
Alyssa: Muraski
Amy: Tracy
Ashley: Tracy
Chris: Tracy
Emily: Muraski
Jason: Tracy
Jehnn: Muraski
Jen: Tracy
Jenna B: Muraski
Jenna S: Tracy
Jillian: Muraski
Kate: Muraski
Katherine: Muraski
Katie: Muraski
Kerry: Muraski
Kia: Muraski
Lacey: Tracy
Layla: Muraski
Leigh-Ann: Muraski
Lindsey: Tracy
Mallory: Tracy
Missy: Muraski
Monica: Tracy
Olivia: Tracy
Rach: Muraski
Rachael: Muraski
Sarah: Muraski
Serena: Tracy
Shamir: Muraski
Sophie: Tracy
Stephanie: Tracy
Tamikka: Muraski
Teri: Tracy
Totals: Tracy- 15 Muraski- 18

5. Julia Avila (4-0) vs Marciea Allen (6-2)
Alyssa: Avila
Amy: Avila
Ashley: Avila
Chris: Avila
Emily: Avila
Jason: Allen
Jehnn: Avila
Jen: Avila
Jenna B: Avila
Jenna S: Allen
Jillian: Avila
Kate: Allen
Katherine: Avila
Katie: Avila
Kerry: Avila
Kia: Allen
Lacey: Allen
Layla: Allen
Leigh-Ann: Allen
Lindsey: Allen
Mallory: Allen
Missy: Allen
Monica: Allen
Olivia: Avila
Rach: Allen
Rachael: Allen
Sarah: Allen
Serena: Avila
Shamir: Allen
Sophie: Avila
Stephanie: Avila
Tamikka: Avila
Teri: Allen
Totals: Avila- 17 Allen-16

6. Pearl Gonzalez (7-3) vs Barbara Acioly (4-2)
Alyssa: Gonzalez
Amy: Gonzalez
Ashley: Gonzalez
Chris: Gonzalez
Emily: Gonzalez
Jason: Gonzalez
Jehnn: Gonzalez
Jen: Gonzalez
Jenna B: Gonzalez
Jenna S: Gonzalez
Jillian: Gonzalez
Kate: Gonzalez
Katherine: Gonzalez
Katie: Gonzalez
Kerry: Gonzalez
Kia: Gonzalez
Lacey: Gonzalez
Layla: Gonzalez
Leigh-Ann: Acioly
Lindsey: Gonzalez
Mallory: Gonzalez
Missy: Gonzalez
Monica: Gonzalez
Olivia: Gonzalez
Rach: Gonzalez
Rachael: Gonzalez
Sarah: Gonzalez
Serena: Gonzalez
Shamir: Gonzalez
Sophie: Acioly
Stephanie: Gonzalez
Tamikka: Gonzalez
Teri: Acioly
Totals: Gonzalez- 30 Acioly- 3

7. Pannie Kianzad (8-3) vs Bianca Daimoni (7-2)
Alyssa: Kianzad
Amy: Kianzad
Ashley: Kianzad
Chris: Kianzad
Emily: Kianzad
Jason: Daimoni
Jehnn: Daimoni
Jen: Kianzad
Jenna B: Kianzad
Jenna S: Kianzad
Jillian: Kianzad
Kate: Daimoni
Katherine: Kianzad
Katie: Kianzad
Kerry: Kianzad
Kia: Kianzad
Lacey: Daimoni
Layla: Kianzad
Leigh-Ann: Daimoni
Lindsey: Kianzad
Mallory: Daimoni
Missy: Daimoni
Monica: Kianzad
Olivia: Daimoni
Rach: Daimoni
Rachael: Kianzad
Sarah: Daimoni
Serena: Kianzad
Shamir: Kianzad
Sophie: Kianzad
Stephanie: Kianzad
Tamikka: Kianzad
Teri: Kianzad
Totals: Kianzad- 23 Daimoni- 10

8. Sarah Kaufman (19-4, 1NC) vs Katherina Lehner (7-0)
Alyssa: Lehner
Amy: Kaufman
Ashley: Kaufman
Chris: Kaufman
Emily: Kaufman
Jason: Lehner
Jehnn: Kaufman
Jen: Kaufman
Jenna B: Kaufman
Jenna S: Kaufman
Jillian: Kaufman
Kate: Lehner
Katherine: Kaufman
Katie: Kaufman
Kerry: Kaufman
Kia: Kaufman
Lacey: Lehner
Layla: Kaufman
Leigh-Ann: Kaufman
Lindsey: Kaufman
Mallory: Kaufman
Missy: Kaufman
Monica: Kaufman
Olivia: Kaufman
Rach: Kaufman
Rachael: Kaufman
Sarah: Kaufman
Serena: Kaufman
Shamir: Kaufman
Sophie: Lehner
Stephanie: Kaufman
Tamikka: Kaufman
Teri: Kaufman
Totals: Kaufman- 28 Lehner- 5

9. Fight of the Night
Alyssa: Kaufman vs Lehner
Amy: Peralta vs Vlismas
Ashley: Kaufman vs Lehner
Chris: Kianzad vs Daimoni
Emily: Kaufman vs Lehner
Jason: Peralta vs Vlismas
Jehnn: Kaufman vs Lehner
Jen: Kaufman vs Lehner
Jenna B: Gonzalez vs Acioly
Jenna S: Kaufman vs Lehner
Jillian: Gonzalez vs Acioly
Kate: Kaufman vs Lehner
Katherine: Gonzalez vs Acioly
Katie: Kianzad vs Daimoni
Kerry: Kaufman vs Lehner
Kia: Gonzalez vs Acioly
Lacey: Tracy vs Muraski
Layla: Kaufman vs Lehner
Leigh-Ann: Kianzad vs Daimoni
Lindsey: Gonzalez vs Acioly
Mallory: Gonzalez vs Acioly
Missy: Avila vs Allen
Monica: Kaufman vs Lehner
Olivia: Gonzalez vs Acioly
Rach: Rincon vs Spangler
Rachael: Kaufman vs Lehner
Sarah: Tracy vs Muraski
Serena: Kianzad vs Daimoni
Shamir: Gonzalez vs Acioly
Sophie: Kianzad vs Daimoni
Stephanie: Avila vs Allen
Tamikka: Peralta vs Vlismas
Teri: Kianzad vs Daimoni

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