Saturday, October 25, 2014

Invicta FC 9 Prediction Results

As we do with every Invicta FC card, we did our poll to allow fans to vote for their predicted winners. Also at the end is the Fight of the Night prediction and Lock To Win of the night. In the case of Kaitlin Young vs Cindy Dandois, Cindy has withdrawn and been replaced by Raquel Pa'aluhi. Even though the Young vs Dandois bout is off, we will include those results here to.

1. Kelly McGill vs Maegan Goodwin
McGill by Submission: 7.89%
McGill by KO/TKO: 31.58%
McGill by Decision: 26.32%
Goodwin by Submission: 9.21%
Goodwin by KO/TKO: 13.16%
Goodwin by Decision: 9.21%
Draw: 2.63%
Totals: McGill: 65.79% Goodwin: 31.58%

2. Jenny Liou Shriver vs Jamie Moyle
Shriver by Submission: 22.00%
Shriver by KO/TKO: 26.50%
Shriver by Decision: 19.50%
Moyle by SUbmission: 16.00%
Moyle by KO?TKO: 6.50%
Moyle by Decision: 7.50%
Draw: 2.00%
Totals: Shriver: 68.00% Moyle: 30.00%

3. Shannon Sinn vs Andrea Lee
Sinn by Submission: 2.99%
Sinn by KO/TKO: 22.49%
Sinn by Decision: 13.48%
Lee by Submission: 10.45%
Lee by KO/TKO: 44.63%
Lee by Decision: 5.96%
Totals: Sinn: 38.96% Lee: 61.04%

4. Amanda Bell vs Maria Hougaard-Djursaa
Bell by Submission: 6.67%
Bell by KO/TKO: 35.56%
Bell by Decision: 24.44%
Hougaard-Djursaa by Submission: 2.22%
Hougaard-Djursaa by KO/TKO: 15.56%
Hougaard-Djursaa by Decision: 13.33%
Draw: 2.22%
Totals: 66.67% Hougaard-Djursaa: 31.11%

5. Amber Brown vs Liz McCarthy
Brown by Submission: 27.27%
Brown by KO/TKO: 13.64%
Brown by DEcision: 29.55%
McCarthy by Submission: 6.82%
McCarthy by KO/TKO: 2.27%
McCarthy by Decision: 18.18%
Draw: 2.27%
Totals: Brown: 70.46% McCarthy: 27.27%

6. Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc vs Jodie Esquibel
Rivera-Calanoc by Submission: 4.26%
Rivera-Calanoc by KO/TKO: 10.64%
Rivera-Calanoc by Decision: 17.02%
Esquibel by Submission: 23.40%
Esquibel by KO/TKO: 10.64%
Esquibel by Decision: 25.53%
Draw: 8.51%
Totals: Rivera-Calanoc: 31.92% Esquibel: 59.57%

7. Kaitlin Young vs Cindy Dandois
Young by Submission: 4.26%
Young by KO/TKO: 31.91%
Young by Decision: 14.89%
Dandois by Submission: 12.77%
Dandois by KO/TKO: 19.13%
Dandois by Decision: 12.77%
Draw: 4.26%
Totals: Young: 51.06% Dandois: 44.69%

8. Ayaka Hamasaki vs Herica Tiburcio
Hamasaki by Submission: 32.50%
Hamasaki by KO/TKO: 10.00%
Hamasaki by Decision: 12.50%
Tiburcio by Submission: 7.50%
Tiburcio by KO/TKO: 10.00%
Tiburcio by Decision: 17.50%
Draw: 10.00%
Totals: Hamasaki: 55.00% Tiburcio: 35.00%

9. Mizuki Inoue vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz
Inoue by Submission: 9.30%
Inoue by KO/TKO: 13.95%
Inoue by Decision: 23.26%
Kowalkiewicz by Submission: 6.98%
Kowalkiewicz by KO/TKO: 25.58%
Kowalkiewicz by Decision: 18.60%
Draw: 2.33%
Totals: Inoue: 46.51% Kowalkiewicz: 51.16%

10. Barb Honchak vs Takayo Hashi
Honchak by Submission: 25.00%
Honchak by KO/TKO: 25.00%
Honchak by Decision: 26.92%
Hashi by Submission: 1.92%
Hashi by KO/TKO: 11.54%
Hashi by Decision: 5.77%
Draw: 3.85%
Totals: Honchak: 76.92% Hashi: 19.23%

11. Fight of the night
Top five vote getters
1. Shannon Sinn vs Andrea Lee: 74.23%
2. Kelly McGill vs Maegan Goodwin: 7.22%
3. Kaitlin Young vs Cindy Dandois: 5.15%
4. Barb Honchak vs Takayo Hashi: 5.15%
5. Mizuki Inoue vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz: 3.09%

12. Lock of the Night
Top 6 vote getters
1. Andrea Lee: 26.32%
2. Kelly McGill: 26.09%
3. Barb Honchak: 12.95%
4. Shannon Sinn: 12.14%
5. Amber Brown: 10.41%
6. Jenny Liou Shriver: 5.27%


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