Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cassie Rodish Statement on Addison Sports Management Contract

I personally have not had any issues with Brett or ASMM management team. My relationship with Brett was strictly business. While with him I became an invictaFC contracted fighter and had multiple sponsors. With that being said I’m outraged by his attitude in the past and present. In no way should a manager bully, pressure and exaggerate his power over a fighter. My contract with ASMM expired yesterday May 21th of 2013. With all the allegations I have chosen not to re-sign. No worries this is going to be another amazing year of fights. I’m still an InvictaFC fighter and I plan on climb my way to the top of the ranks. We are a strong community and have a bright future ahead of us. Let’s focus on the amazing journey ahead of us.

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