Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ashley Lewis Interview

In November, Ashley Lewis won her class at the OCB Midwest States and looked incredible in doing so. She is now just weeks away from stepping back on stage. She felt she needed to improve upon her legs, and with that improvement, Ashley is definitely pro card material.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I actually started weight training when I was nine years old. I started learning actual movements in high school in weight lifting class.

Q: What made you decide you wanted to try competing?
A: Well, I had in the back of my mind since I was a kid. I didn't know the steps to take and didn't know necessarily how to get there until I met some friends and read more magazines and met all the right people. Is tarted personal training and really started getting more knowledge from that. I picked a show and went for it.

Q: Going in, did you have any expectations of what it would be like and did it live up to those expectations?
A: Actually, I was surprised. I didn't know how well I was gonna do. I knew I was gonna give it all I got, train hard,e at right, learn as much as possible about how to get to a show. I didn't know what to expect as far as judges go, no one gave me too much direction until four weeks out when I met my coach. Expectation-wise, I was blown away by how well I did. I expected to give it a hundred percent, no one else existed but me, and I walked on stage and did my thing and the outcome spoke for itself.

Q: In November you won your class at the OCB Midwest States, how happy were you?
A: Ecstatic! I was extremely excited that I came back five weeks later from another show and came in a lot better. I took first place in tall and second overall. Honestly, I cant wait for the next one two weeks from tomorrow. I am excited to see what that is gonna bring into my life.

Q: Did you feel going in that winning your class was a realistic possibility?
A: Oh for sure. I had it in my mind that I was gonna take a placing. I didn't necessarily know that I was gonna win my class but I wanted to take a top placing. Everyone wants to place, if someone comes in better then someone comes in better. You take your mistakes and learn from them. I worked on things my coach noticed and changed a little bit and came in a lot better for the November show. Posing got better and stronger and I was really excited.

Q: What show do you have coming up?
A: I am doing the Natural Southern States Classic.

Q: From last show, is there anywhere specific you want to be better for this one?
A: Absolutely! My legs! I want bigger legs. I am very upper body dominant. I wanted to put some size on my legs and come in a little bit fuller. I think that is gonna show a lot. I am pretty pleased with my off-season and really excited to see the before and after from November to this show.

Q: When I see your stage photos, what always stands out to me, is I think you have great delts...
A: Thank you!

Q: Can you give an idea of what you do for delts?
A: I do the typical shoulder movements. Upright rows, lateral movements, front movements, shoulder presses, Arnold presses, and I mix it up. I have a thing where I never do the same workout twice. They are little muscles, you don't have to work them to the extreme of heavy heavy weights. I just listen to my muscles the whole time.

Q: You work with Alex Ellis, her team has had a lot of success lately, how much does that motivate you?
A: I would not be here competing without Alex Ellis and Team TCP. They are very inspiring and very strong women and we stand behind each other and give each other positive feedback. I love it. Before I met Alex and all these girls I felt kind of lonely. You get captivated by more people like you and it is really encouraging to be near and around people like me so i can continue to grow. I feel so lucky to have met Alex and Team TCP.

Q: As you mentioned, you yourself are a trainer, what do you enjoy about training others?
A: There is a lot I enjoy. I enjoy seeing someone go from not even knowing their body can have muscle to being the strongest they have been in their lives. Seeing thee excitement when they have a little more muscle in certain places that they haven't seen before. I enjoy being able to teach people that you don't get bulky and turn into a man by lifting weights. You still look very feminine. I enjoy helping people see that. Making sure their form is o.k. and moving correctly, things like that.

Q: When you are at the gym, do you get any of the stares or attention?
A: Yes, most of us do. It is not overwhelming or anything. More and more women are starting to come into the muscle world. I don't get snarls or anything. Most people are positive and it is encouraging to see women who are a little timid to put on muscle and they see people talking positive to me, they feel more encouraged to pick up weights.

Q: If you could spend a day training with someone you have never trained with before, who would it be?
A: Probably Dana Linn Bailey. Ever since I started learning her background, she is the girl I go to as far as YouTube.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I would love to thank Alex Ellis, Team TCP, Amy Lescher for being my workout partner, Alex for being my partner sometimes, Shannon McMillan, everyone on my team, my friends and my family for being supportive and not asking why I do this or giving negative feedback, that helps a lot.

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