Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roni Davis Interview

Roni Davis is a perfect example of the kind of people I get the most joy out of interviewing. A woman with an amazing story of weight loss to the stage. What led her to the stage is a great story and the end result, how she looked on stage is equally great. Very excited to present this interview with Roni.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I started because I was really fat. I spent a lot of years caring for my daughter because she has some health issues and it kind of consumed me. One day I looked and said "oh my God I am fat, this is not o.k.". I started walking to try and get some weight off. I stopped eating enough and the weight dropped off very very quickly. It was fast and sloppy and I still didn't like how I looked. I worked too hard and sacrificed too much to still not be happy with how I am. I thought lifting and putting on muscle would help so I started doing that. I wanted to make sure I did it properly so I saw results. I enlisted the help of an on-line trainer and it went from there.

Q: What made you want to compete?
A: Because I was struggling with food and eating what I was supposed to eat and when I was supposed toe at it. I stupidly thought that by committing to a competition it would keep me focused and on track. It did not work haha. My first competition I did not place as well as I would have liked. But I am stubborn and don't like to lose so I wanted to go back again and do it right. That is how it started, now I do it cause I love it.

Q: Were you nervous the first time on stage?
A: Yes, but only because I knew I wasn't ready. I didn't feel like I gave it everything I could have and didn't feel ready and confident enough. I wasn't ready.The last time, it was a completely different story.

Q: A lot of girls I interview say after competing it becomes an addiction, was that the case for you?
A: No! It is not an addiction at all. I could never get on stage again and I would survive. It is something I love doing but I don't need to do it to be able to be happy.

Q: At the Jay Cutler Classic you took third in your class and first in Masters. In that situation, after saying you don't like to lose, are you more happy about the first place or more "what do I have to do to win my class"?
A: It was "what do I have to do to win Open?" I was more happy with the third in Open than the in in masters because the Open class was bigger, the Open class was all ages. There were a lot of girls and a lot of them were younger than me.

Q: From photos, I was impressed with your stage presence, how confident you looked, were you as confident as it looked?
A: I was. I went on there and felt amazing because I knew that with my coaches and the faith I have in them that I was bringing what I should be bringing. I knew my coaches were proud of me and were sitting and cheering me on and proud of me. I felt confident with my entire package and give total credit to my coaches for that. It would not have happened without them.

Q: When you are that confident it has a big effect, helps you hit your poses better and everything, did that play a part in how you looked?
A: Absolutely! It made a huge difference. One of the big things they take into consideration is not just how you look but your confidence and posing. It helped a lot. When I look at pictures, I remember seeing girls backstage that I thought looked better than me but on stage I noticed differences in posing that may have helped me.

Q: Do you know when you want to compete next?
A: I wanna do so many haha. I would like Battle on the Beach in March, the Cutler in May or Pittsburgh before that and a couple National shows like Masters Nationals. Those are the ones I want to do, it is about what I can afford to do.

Q: For the next time, where do you want to be better?
A: There are three areas. Shoulders, mid-section and booty. I need more shoulders, I need more booty and I need a tighter mid-section. Those are the big three things for me.

Q: When you trying to improve a specific part, how much extra work do you put into it?
A: Shoulders and booty get hit twice a week. I go fairly light on quads because they are a bit over-powering.

Q: Is a pro card a goal or more if it happens it happens?
A: A little bit of both. It depends on the day. For me it is very much a goal and would like to achieve. For me it is like, I have no business having one. I am a nobody from a small town, there is not even a gym in my town. I have no one near me for support or help or to keep me focused. Some people have training partners, I have none of that, I don't even have a gym, I use free-weights in my basement. I am a single mom. I really want to prove to people, don't let anything stop you, don't use excuses, go after what you want. A pro card will not make my life any better, it is something I would like to do to inspire me. So if it happens it happens, but it is a goal.

Q: When you are in public, do people notice or ask questions?
A: No! When I started I would have people say I look thin and need to put weight on. Most people tell me they don't noticed a difference.

Q: If you could spend a day training with a person you never trained with, who would it be?
A: That's a tough one. I would say Erin Stern. She is incredible.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: My coaches without a doubt. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without them, I have made so many changes. Not just my physique, but in the way I look at life and the things I aspire to be. I am very grateful to be a part of Team Bombshell.

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