Sunday, February 28, 2010

Becoming What You Love by Macey Leigh

"Things I’ve Loved Along The Away"
So I’ve been thinking about how you get back to where you want to be…after you haven’t been that for a little while. The same things would apply even if you’ve never been where you want, but you see it…you feel it. You know down deep it is who you will become. It is the very foundation of your being.
As I’ve been staring through the rear view mirror, I realize that I got where I wanted because of the things that I loved. It was the good things, the best things, my favorite things that got me through, that kept me going. The things I’ve loved along the way, have been people, places, things, feelings…they have been things that have given me a glimpse of my soul when I couldn’t feel it, couldn’t see it.
Living in gratitude for the things that you have done, places you have been, people that have touched your life is the very best way to reshape your attitude. When you shift your attention on things you love, you will begin to feel joy. Joyful feeling will bring the light out…the things that are behind you—the things that make the sparkle in your eyes.
So, my challenge to you is to start to relearn the person that’s behind your stare. Remember all the things in your life that you’ve loved along the way. Don’t just remember them. Instead, let them resurface, let them come alive. Let yourself feel again…because the things that you have loved along the way, have shaped you. They have given you the strength to be the person you are.
Stay strong, chin up,
Macey Leigh

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